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All Natural Aroma Presents for Christmas

Tiaf Rose Elizabeth a basic note in many perfumes. But hydrated to last 4 months they make special natural aroma gifts. Unique christmas gifts.

Natural scent flows of nature’s own diffusers.

All natural aroma presents are the best selling gifts at this moment. We are all too used to our aromatherapy diffusers and scented candles. Now there is a more sustainable alternative. The most ancient diffuser. Flowers. Natural Fragrance from Santa Barbara CA a family owned flower farm hydrates extremely fragrant flowers to last 4 months.

Fragrant flowers are normally very short-lived and need care. They were therefore never a practical aroma solution. In our drive to live closer to nature we seek alluring and relaxing scents to set our moods and minds. We go through lengths to find the purest scent oils, the most and best sustainable scented candles. Yet, we often overlook the obvious.

The most intuitively eco friendly natural scent diffusers are the flowers themselves.

We have grown accustomed to using plant based oils for our diffusers and scented soy-candles. But did you know it takes hundreds of flowers to fill a little scent oil bottle? We market these oils cleverly as essentials. I am not here to argue a natural lifestyle is not essential. Just realize that these beneficial scent oils are extracted from plants and their flowers. We have been reducing flowers into scent oils. Subsequently dispersing these oils with candles and devises.

Fragrance Flowers, all natural aroma presents

Natural Fragrance, after reducing flowers to scent oils, came up with a natural alternative. Which we do by hydrating our blooms with a proprietary moisturizing cream. An all natural skin care type of moisturizing cream enables the flowers to take up moisture from the air to stay fresh for months. Making unusual all natural Christmas gifts for mom, for her.

Natural Fragrance the perfect gift for her
Unique and Best Selling Fragrance Gifts.

With introducing on Mother’s day in US retail [link] this unique all natural present for mom became quickly Amazon Choice for Fragrance Flower [link] and Natural Fragrance Rose [link] The best selling flower Taif Rose Elizabeth gaining excellent reviews [link ] as all natural wellness gifts and organic gifts for her. As a result this compact and easy shippable original birthday flower gift became Americas’s best selling flower.

After Mother’s Day the unique floral gifts of Natural Fragrance became quickly available in retail QVC, Bed Bath Beyond, Albertson’s Co’s and Kroger Co’s. In coming blogs we will give attention to early adapting Californian retailers Gelson’s Market, Raley’s Markets, Stater Bros. and the popularity of Natural Fragrance rose as regalos especial por mama in Vallarta Markets.

Natural Fragrance Gift Shop Online

After seeing and trying one flower satisfied customers started requesting online deliveries in 2020. Our family farm learned how to set up shop online. [link] With unusual all natural christmas gifts for mom and for her, Natural Fragrance Rose is learning the online service game. We are offering natural soothing Aromatherapy, Warm & Energizing Plum Blossom and other eco friendly christmas gifts. All natural organic presents.

Learn how we did it?

Do you love fragrance? Love flowers? Here is a [link] with an animated story showing why fragrance flowers are short-lived. Natural Fragrance’s determination solved the longevity of extremely fragrant flowers. Making lasting flowers unique organic gifts. Or a quick visit [link] to our farm and hear our founder Peter Persoon tell the story of our organic aromatherapy diffusers

Become a #fragrancelover and subscribe: Read about us growning up in flower and fragrance farming land. Read about our quest of solving the longevity of fragrance flowers. The countries we visited. The wonders of nature and surprising stories of forgotten fragrances en flowers. And more tips, how and why’s of our fragrance flower expert Peter.

December 2020

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