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Best smelling flower gifts for Christmas

Best smelling flower gifts for Christmas

Looking for the best smelling flower gifts for christmas or a birthday gift for her? She Loves flowers? Loves Fragrance? We, a Santa Barbara California family owned flower farm hydrate classic and extremely fragrant roses to last 4 months. Made in USA and a popular and unique natural present for women this christmas. Send love in these times. But please order in time with current strain on online delivery.

When natural fragrance roses are added to your christmas setting, they provide more than just beauty – they also fill the air with their enchanting scents. Next time you’re looking for a special way to show your loved ones you care, give them a xmas gift of natural fragrance with dazzling bouquets. Read on to discover some of the best smelling flowers to give as a present this christmas.


Who among us doesn’t love to stop and smell the roses? Meaning to pause and enjoy the moment. What better time of the year then now, christmas time. The final month of this extraordinary year. There’s a reason roses are the flowers which became synonymous with rich, luxurious fragrance – they’re truly nature’s perfume. Roses are just as versatile as they are sweet-smelling, and can be incorporated into bouquets for any occasion. There is a lot of history in fragrance flowers, the basics for perfumes. Having found their way from Persia, Damascus, through the Ottoman Empire to Spain into the botanical gardens of Versailles and from there to the modern French perfumers.

Fragrance Flowers, more specific their scent oils, are the basic ingredients for perfumers to ‘compose’ their perfumes.


Contained in almost three quarters of women’s perfumes, the rose is a classic fragrance note and for good reason. One of the most romantic ingredients there is, the rose is also incredibly versatile. Some rose perfumes can be sweet and girly, others woody and musky, or laced with oud for a more darkly seductive concoction.

Over the years, rose has been appearing more and more in male fragrance too – while in certain parts of the Middle East, men are traditionally known to wear rose scents more than women. The most popular types of rose in perfumery are the Turkish rose, the Damask (or Damascene rose) and Rosa Centifolia – also known as ‘Rose de Mai’ As it usually blooms around May and is considered to produce the highest quality of rose absolute there is. Check out the top ten rose perfumes worth trying according to the

Gardenia Rose de Mai

Natural Fragrance Gardenia Rose
Natural Fragrance Gardenia Rose

Our variety Ile de Jacaranda is an exquisite Gardenia Rose de Mai. A dark hot pink with a natural sooting scent flow. Its aroma is described by our perfumer as voluptuous, sweet, smooth, with distinct yet subtle soft sweet bouquet of honey and green notes. Delicate sweetness. A perfect gift for christmas for her.

We have seen an increasing purchase as a wellness product for the bedroom. Gardenia rose de Mai is an excellent companion as a natural aromatherapy diffuser. A good gift for people with an eco friendly mindset.

Damask Taif Rose

long lasting perfume taif elizabeth rose
Natural Fragrance Rose Taif

While our Taif Elizabeth is a typical Damask rose. The Taif Rose is experienced as “perfumy”. No wonder since it is the basic note in over half of all women’s perfumes. Making good xmas gifts and extraordinary bday presents. What about the flower that is the basic note in your fave perfume on your dressing table?

Natural Fragrance
Set the Mood

Compare them, or mix them, create your own harmony of scent notes. Fragrances are like music, you can compose your own symphony , let your fragrance flowers work in harmony. It is not by chance that perfumers use the term ‘ scent notes’. Follow us to hear more from our fragrance flower expert Peter or leave your fave fragrance flower in a comment.

Merry Christmas

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