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fragrant roses in glass unique mother´s day gifts

The Natural Fragrance flower farm in the beautiful Santa Barbara county in California harbours generations of Dutch flower farmers.

This generation’s Antoine and Petrus took a leap of faith in  2020

We were inspired by the flowers in flower shops barely having any scent. While on the other hand commercial grown fragrant flowers are reduced to scent oils for the fragrance industry. 

The problem being that fragrant flowers are very short-lived. One-day-flowers simply cannot reach your flower shop or home in time for you to enjoy.

Natural Fragrance took the challenge and engineered a proprietary method to hydrate our extremely fragrant flowers to last 4 months.

We are very grateful that our Natural Fragrance Roses became so highly appreciated in 2020 and 2021.


But it does not stop there.

Enthusiastic Natural Fragrance buyers encouraged us to bring our most popular Natural Fragrance to market as perfume.

Our best-selling Natural Fragrance Rose is Taif Rose. No wonder, because this damask hybrid is used for centuries in perfume making.

Did you know most perfumes for women of luxury brands have taif rose or a taif synthetic as a basic note?

We are now taking another big leap. We are thrilled to introduce our own Natural Fragrance, Taif and White Rose perfumes in 2022.

Our families are for generations in flower farming and fragrance. Natural Fragrance harbours experienced flower farmers “boer” and fragrance experts  “nose”.

We are very thankful for your encouragement and business.

Petrus (Peter) Persoon


We thank QVC for the introduction of all Natural Fragrance Roses