Natural Fragrance White


(3011) 4.6
    • PERFUMERS WORD  “With Natural Fragrance – White Rose, I want to offer another, lighter, fresher incarnation of a floral profusion, a traditional pure perfume. I want you to discover our blooming white fields of fragrance, let your skin touch the blooms and a fresh feeling of nature ”                                                            
    • DESCRIPTION  The freshness of fresh, colorful petals on your skin, the vivifying energy of hint of citrusy dew. Natural Fragrance White is a sparkling floral fragrance, a blend of fresh White Rose sweetened by a spicy viberant Taif Rose, with the intensity of a touch of Lemon and Musk note. Lighter and fresher than Taif.
      The endless fresh of white rose essence refines Natural Fragrance – White Rose with its lemony aromas and irresistible and durable scent of an endless field of rose blooms.
    • TRADITION & NATURE  damask hybrid roses, are for centuries the basic note in luxury perfumes for women.  Perfumers of luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Gucci all use damask taif rose in their compositions.
    • PERFUME FOR WOMEN 100 ml Natural Fragrance White Rose.
    • NATURAL FRAGRANCE ROSE  a complementary natural grown fragrant rose hydrated to last 4 months.
    • MINI MAGAZINE a cute little fun fact magazine about fragrant flowers and perfumes.
    • OLFACTORY NOTES –  Sparkling juice note of freshly harvested White Roses, let you take a walk in our endless flower fields of fragrance.  –  Vibrant, sweet and spicy damask Taif Rose amplified by a citrusy note of lemon essence   –   A note of musk brightens this composition of roses  –
    • INGREDIENTS    Warning : The list of ingredients are regularly updated. Before use please read the ingredients listed on the packaging to be certain that ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

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Customer Reviews (3011) 4.6

Erin CH

Stays fresh smelling for 6+ months
Lost count of how many I’ve bought as gifts. Will continue. Everyone loves these!!

Larry Kuhn

Birthday gift
Very nice birthday gift. Great smell 


LOVE these real roses
I currently own 12 of these roses - all of the offered colors. My favorite would be the pink and it's smell

Vicky Anderson

Excellent gift!

It’s a great gift for my mom, she absolutely loves it and enjoy the scent!

Ana Maria Reichenbach

Great for a little gift giving!
I love this new idea! It has a nice and sweet scent and placed it on my night stand so I wake up with a nice scent everyday.


Unique gift, a rose in a glass jar with a soft fragrance that is very nice.

My Mom received it and she said it was very unique. It had a very nice soft fragrance, once you lifted off the lid. I was so happy that she received it in a nicely wrapped box. It was packed very well.


Great gift

I got this for a girl I know who’s usually unhappy an quiet. I sent this to her a day before she leveled up ( That’s birthday for non gamer people ) an now tells me every day that her room smells like a flower garden.

Get it for your wife, girlfriend, mother or anyone that likes a floral scent.

Zoe V

a unique birthday gift

I bought this for my cousin. She recently had a birthday plus going through a rough time. Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, I found this gift idea and had it delivered to her house. She absolutely loves this rose and the nice fragrance it gives off. It’s a unique and beautiful item!

Tiffany O

High quality gift that lasts longer than expected

The first time I bought one of these flowers was for my grandmother. She absolutely loved it! For months, she would pick it up just to smell the sweet scent. Now, more than two years later, it has lost its scent but not its beauty and sits on the dresser in her guest bedroom. I bought a new one for her which she has in her bathroom. It makes the bathroom smell great, and it is the perfect decor.

Marietta Patterson

High quality gift that lasts longer than expected

The first time I bought one of these flowers was for my grandmother. She absolutely loved it! For months, she would pick it up just to smell the sweet scent. Now, more than two years later, it has lost its scent but not its beauty and sits on the dresser in her guest bedroom. I bought a new one for her which she has in her bathroom. It makes the bathroom smell great, and it is the perfect decor.

Tim Olavsen

Scent was a little weak

Price was good, last very long, could have been a stronger scent 

Hewitt Wang


Item was of skillful quality! Packaging was distinguished. Notably speedy dispatch. Choicest seller.

Zach's Mom

this week
Would have been 5* if they had sent the fragrance I ordered
I ordered a rose scented one for a friend and a gardenia scented one for me. My friend loved hers. They sent a jasmine scented one as the second one instead of gardenia which is why I only gave 4 stars. It is a lovely scent and I kept it but it wasn’t what I had wanted. They were both beautiful, well packaged, and fragrant. I would highly recommend them as gifts. The fragrance is subtle and you get it in waves rather than a something like room freshener. Natural and very pleasant.


this week
Beautiful gift

Such a beautiful long lasting gift. The smell is VERY strong. I sometimes put the cap back on bc I am sensitive to strong smells. But I also purchased as a gift. Lasts so much longer than a bouquet of flowers.

To The Point

this week
Perfect gift for anyone house bound or in a health care facility

The smell is strong. Really strong. It's a nice smell, and it was perfect for my needs. I gave it to an elderly relative who has to do rehab in a nursing home. It cuts through some of the "other" smells...I'll just leave it. at that. And pretty to look at too. A lovely gift.


this week
What is the perfect birthday gift and well appreciated

It was wonderful and well appreciated


this week
Low maintenance for flower lovers
Was a gift for a grouchy picky old lady (my grand mother). It put everyone else’s birthday gifts to shame. She’s still telling everyone all about it days later.

Amy Johanson

this week

Did by it for may 93 yr old mom and she loved it

Precious Jones-Walker

this week

My sister in law loved her gift. Smells and looks wonderful


this week
Would have been nice to get that i ordered

I ordered three roses not one are the right scent or rose , not what i ordered they are beautiful but not what i ordered. I might order again just wish there had been a note or something.

Sharon Stewart

this week
My daughter loved her birthdays present

All. The sent, the beautiful color, and how the rose felt nice to the touch

brian ashworth

this week

Birthday present still has perfume after 6 weeks

mandy morlan

this week
Great gift

Smells amazing got it as a birthday gift for my mother in law. Hope it lasts as long as they say

Sue Uustalu

this week
Beauty, scent and price.

Given as a gift. The person receiving it said she loved it and the scent was beautiful.

debi Delgado

this week
I’ve ordered sooooo many as gifts!

Bought this one for my sister and she loves it. Also she said it smells wonderful. My go to surprise gift

Frank Parsons

July 2022
It´s decent

My girlfriend loved it, a bit pricey for what it was but I mean whatever to make her happy lol happy wife happy life


July 2022
The recipient of this gift LOVED it. I may have to order one for myself!

The recipient of this gift LOVED it. I may have to order one for myself!

S. Jones

July 2022

Beautiful! Scent is AMAZING!
Gifted to my mom and mom-in-law and then to myself, because these roses are just so fabulous :) *Perfect* for gifting. These roses were huge, beautiful: such a perk-up in these days! And, in my opinion, for ANY day.

Debra E.

July 2022
Beautiful Present

I sent this to my niece for a birthday present and she loved it! She described the scent as smelling like a rose and it filled the room. She also liked the size. It was larger than I thought it would be from her description. She said it was similar to a short- midsize candle with 3 wicks. I’m thrilled she liked it so much. It came in this shock proof box

A customer

July 2022

My wife loves these roses. Great and still affordable gifts. It is our go to for easy gifting. 

Robert Brian McCadden

July 2022
Looks and smells great

Great gift

Veronica Ngozi

July 2022
It’s ok

It’s ok 

Matt Berezov

July 2022
Item is fine but glass was cracked

I like the product and it is very nice as a gift. I bought it for my wife. she loves the scent. We did send a photo and the replacement arrived within a few days. 


June 2022
Great room decorating

Rose is very beautiful unfortunately smell great. I would love the smell to be stronger

Debbie O

June 2022
scented rose

The container was broken and you replaced it but still. It's a great idea but disappointed.

Regis C Stirling

June 2022
Sent to my sister-in -law so I did not actually see or smell it - she did and liked it!

My sister in law liked it as a gift!


June 2022
seems to last forever

It still looks reasonably good and smells great


June 2022
Great gift.
I bought this for my mom and mil. Smelled it when we went to visit for Fourth of July! Glad it does smell good, but not too strong.

lucy baldwin

June 2022

It smelled just like a rose


June 2022
Beautiful surprise

I wasn't specking a live flower but I am glad it is. The smell is so beautifully intoxicating. My room smells so nice and I will definitely order more


June 2022
Great gift!

Wonderful!! Fragrant and beautiful!


June 2022
Careless handling

Flowers glass case even though packed well, arrived broken. They send a replacement quickly

Anne C

June 2022
This rose looks like it did 1.5 months ago
I am surprised the rose looks and smells like it did over 1.5 months ago.

Debi Zamora

June 2022
perfect gift
wonderful smelling and makes an unusual awesome gift.


June 2022
So pretty!!!
Very pretty and smells great! I honestly can’t believe it still looks like when I got it delivered three months ago.


June 2022
Buy! Buy! But!
Love it! Beautiful and smells devine 2 months after purchase.

Brian Clark

June 2022
Smells great
Roses were beautiful and smelled amazing, only one of the vases was cracked upon arrival. Got a replacement

Denise Teague

June 2022
I have gotten five of these so far love them for myself love them for gifts but this last one I purchased delivered yesterday was delivered cracked the glass

Saber Sharp

June 2022
Smells awesome!
Beautiful. And my fiance loves the fragrance.

Jennifer Castillo

June 2022


June 2022
Good product for the money
It was a gift

Amy H

June 2022
The swell is wonderful
Well worth the money ❤️


June 2022
Smells amazing!
So pretty & smells amazing! I bought 2 originally for my friends as gifts and they loved it so much, I bought another one for myself to see what's so good. Oh man.. my bathroom smells so lovely 😍 I'm gonna keep on buying these.


June 2022
Perfect gift
Beautiful gift! Holds its scent!

Chris M.

June 2022
Lacks Fragrance
Nice idea. Pretty looking flower. Not much smell if your not sticking your nose in the jar.

Regine H.

June 2022
It came carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and smells amazing! I’m going to send as a Christmas gift to my mom in Germany.

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