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Cheap Flower Delivery Near Me

We ranked cheap flower delivery services on price by making actual purchases, analyzing opinion articles and search queries into cheap flower delivery.

Starting out with a google search on cheap flower delivery and analyzing first page results with a 30 yr floral industry veteran. The results were revealing. 

Cheap flower delivery ranked by price

  1. Natural Fragrance Rose, all flowers, farm fresh, fragrant and at $19.99
  2. 1800flowers, just one cheap option to lure
  3. Fromyouflowers, just one cheap option to lure
  4. Proflowers and FTD, no cheap flowers, only cheap plants.
  5. TeleFlora, no cheap flowers, just cheap plants and corsages.
  6. The Bouqs Co, farm fresh but no cheap flowers nor fast delivery.
  7. Your local florist, cheap flowers pick up only.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
    • Price analysis vs opinion
  • Cheap Flower Delivery Price Analysis
    • Natural Fragrance Rose
    • FromYouFlowers
    • 1800Flowers
    • Proflowers
    • The Bouqs Co.
    • Teleflora
    • FTD
  • Opinion Articles On Cheap Flower Delivery
  • Questions People Ask When Searching Cheap Flower Delivery
    • Cheap flowers delivered?
    • Flowers under $30 with free delivery?
    • Cheap flower delivery near me?
    • Flower delivery under $30?
    • What is the cheapest flowers online?
  • Cheap flowers – Which type of flowers are the cheapest?
  • Why is flower delivery so expensive?
  • Expert tip : Cheapest flowers
  • Highest quality cheap flowers


My name is Petrus Persoon, a fragrance and flower expert, I regularly have to study floral delivery services online to see how flower delivery searches compare on google.

Being related to one of the results offered, Natural Fragrance Rose, I will support the price analysis with screenshots of landing pages, links and verifiable pricing.

The first page organic search results for cheap flower delivery were 3 articles and 7 flower delivery services, besides from the advertising. As we described in a previous article [read here] most flower delivery services are large platforms.

No surprise those pop up first. Advertising machines taking your order, their cut and forwarding the order to a local florist to delivery the flowers form their coolers. That cooler is filled with a pre-purchased flower stock from overseas farmers. We are one of the domestic farmers and decided to do things differently.

Price analysis vs opinion

The blog article that pops up on top of the search results for cheap flower delivery

Click to read this blog

The authors apparently did not put their findings to the test. No price analysis was preformed. To the credit of the authors of this well written informative article the platforms could have raised their prices shortly after the publication of the article. Although unlikely.

Interestingly, right under their title Best Cheap Flower Delivery the #1 spot is taken by an unknown, new-bee platform A button leads to´s  stylish landing page, with 10K genuine reviews, but with $46.00 to $180.00 on first pages hardly a cheap flower delivery option.

Further down in the TimeOut article we find the very same names of Big Flower delivery platforms as in our google search. The authors did not preform a price analysis to explain their ranking.

Our conclusion : The article did not do a price analysis and incorrect ranking for cheap flower delivery.
The articles favorite is a stylish shop but disqualifies as a cheap flower delivery option. It has steep pricing.

Cheap flower delivery price analysis  

1. The best cheap flower delivery is Natural Fragrance Rose

A family owned fragrance flower farm from California USA that reinvented flower delivery with a proprietary method. A transparent webshop with ALL flowers priced at $19.99. 

Great value proposition with all 4 inch large blooms being extremely fragrant & last 4 months. Rose varieties, used in fragrance making, all have their own distinct strong scent. Delivered nationwide for a total flat price of $27.11

click here to go to this store
Natural Fragrance is a Trusted Store by Google, has a high rate of returning customers, 3000+ 4.6 star reviews on amazon and web shop.
A family flower farm reinventing cheap flower delivery after a successful and fun introduction at QVC tv. [see video here]  As seen on TV [see here]

2. From you flowers is the flower delivery service that displays at top of our google search with $19.99 in the search results title. Let´s put that to the test.

click to go this store

The landing page reads > under $30  As you will notice on the landing page almost all offered bouquets range above $30 from $31.99 to $39.99   Click through at lowest priced $27.99 bouquet of carnations and chrysateums and you get to the product page, with the up sale $35.99 Deluxe version automatically preselected for you.

Did you know 99% of all carnations are grown in Colombia?

With some search effort a $19.99 bunch of alstroemerias, named Peruvian Lilis could be located. An up sale pink vase automatically preselected making it $28.98. Don’t forget to un-click the up sell. 

A few interesting observations. No ratings were available and this delivery service does not have a Google Trusted Store badge.

There is a catch; the standard Delivery / Substitution Policy applies, as on all blooms of . Which means all flowers and add-on can be swopped out for what ever is available. There is no guarantee you actually get what you saw in the picture. 

click to go to product page with policy
Our conclusion : Runner up in cheapest flower delivery. But with just one single cheap offer to lure.
The aim of the site is to up sell. We have some questions on quality of the offered. A bunch of peruvian alstroemerias? 

3. 1800flowers

The second search result is 1800flowers, the 1.4 billion dollar marketing behemoth. Seemingly starting as low as $14.99 Taking your order, it’s cut while the work and risk done by a florist.

click here to go to this shop

The problem is that the store shows gifts and plants of $19.99, not flowers. The cheapest flowers delivered seem to be a bunch of Peruvian lilies at the top of the page. 

Clicking trough at that 24.99 Peruvian Lillies, it pre-selects automatically the up sale version $54.99  100 blooms with Garden Pitcher. Proceeding to the check out, you first need to pass a page where $6.99 to $44.99 add-ons are suggested, ranging from digital movies to luxury chocolates.

When you change your mind, remove the item from your cart, you will not be routed back to the cheap flower delivery but to the best sellers page with price range of $49.99 – $69.99 

click here to go to this page

Interesting observations is that this product has, at the time of this analysis, a label with the text  ¨219 other people love this product ❤️ ¨ No reviews available. No third party rating service, just that text.

A disclaimer ¨delivered by another partner¨ is added. 1800flowers has a wide collection of flower, plants and gifts a lot of possibilities. With up sales at every corner taken, it takes effort and restraint to make your pick when you are on a budget.

It does take considerable effort to find a policy. To no surprise, there is no guarantee you get what you see in the picture. This delivery service does not have Trusted Store badge by Google. 

click here to go substitutie

Our conclusion : 1800flowers has a lot of choice and just one single cheap offer to lure you in.
Up-sell is the business model. It is not an easy store to navigate when on a budget. No guarantees given.

4. Cheap Flower Delivery – Proflowers

Proflowers advertises in their search result an inviting “We have breathtaking arrangements starting at just $19.99” Needless to say the site has breathtaking arrangements, just not at $19.99.

click here to go to site

We click and land on Proflowers´ > discount-flowers  landing page where bouquets of $45 to $97 are offered. Scrolling down learns not a single bouquet under $30 can be found, let alone the offered $19.99 

When setting the page ranked by price, little plants on sale, like succulents, cactus and kalanchoees of $21 to 24.50 float to the top.  But not the promised cheap flower delivery of $19.99 or even under $30. 

Proflowers, an initiative started out as farm flowers to your door, ships just a few farm-to-door, some more florist-to-door and much more gift baskets, plants and candy. The flower delivery prices range from $50 to $100  

The cheapest flower delivery option on proflowers > discount-flowers page was, unsurprisingly, “Wanna Have Sun Alstroemerias”(Peruvian lilis) of $35. You will land on the product detail page that automatically sets the up sale of $40. 

Observations: Proflowers doesn’t mention the number of stems but the size of the bouquet H 15” and 14” W which could be a bit optimistic for the 10 stems in the picture, even in full bloom. The footer of the page included industry standard delivery policies.

A Substitution Policy was located, after some browsing, at > customer service > FAQ > My order doesn´t look like the photo. Basically the same industry wide excuse for having no guarantee. Proflowers has no Trusted Store badge by Google. 

Conclusion  : Proflowers does not offer cheap flower delivery as displayed in search result. It is a clear easy navigable site with cheap plants. 

Note : Proflowers merged in 2014 with #5 FTD and #6 Teleflora. Read here the then made prophecy of a mom-n-pop store Boston florist. Two big flower gorilla´s left to dominate the floral delivery market.

5. Cheap Flower Delivery – The Bouqs Co

“ We deliver cheap flowers without sacrificing quality. We ship directly from farms and save you money. Shop our $50 and under selection ” 

Bouqs has a catchy name and did appear on Shark Tank to get exposure. It set out in 2013 to send you farm fresh flowers for $40 from Latin American flower farms. The landing page > Flowers under $50 

A widget asking to sign in to unlock a 20% discount instantly blocks the view. After your contact data is harvested you can access the lowest prices.

The cheap flower delivery is $35, excluding delivery with a $28 (ex delivery fee) for, you guessed it, 12 stems of alstromerias (Peruvian lilies) Signing up a with your data results in $45 including delivery and tax.  Which is for guests $67 the cheapest flower delivery, shipped from Colombia to your door. 

On the product page of the alstroemerias the up sale $54 (ex shipping) for 24 stems is preselected. So make sure to change that to the budget option of the 12 stems,  $28 (ex shipping)

The care instructions are great, with images, text and with 3 videos. It is a nice touch that Manuel, the Colombian farmer of the flowers, is introduced.  

Observations : At the care instructions drop down it mentions “Alstroemeria is shipped in bunches of 10, but with 5 blooms per bunch, we are really shipping 50 flowers per bunch!” So what is it, 10 or 12 stems, amigo?

The prices are are excluding $12 or $15 shipping.  The cheapest flower delivery at Bouqs ends up at $43. Since the flowers seem to come straight from the farm there is no need for a substitution policy. 

In all honesty, your flowers will ship from the Miami warehouse of the Colombian flower farm.

Our conclusion : The bouqs Co is a good option if you are looking for a flower subscription.
Not a cheap flower delivery option at all at $45 and $67 for guests. A big downside is that there are not one or two day delivery options.

6. Cheap Flower Delivery $29.99 – Teleflora 

You land on Teleflora > cheap bouquets page. It displays $35.14 to $37.99 discounted bouquets. As you can see the $29.99 in the search title only applies on either potted gerbera plant or corsages. 

Click here to go to site

The selected cheapest flower delivery flowers options automatically select the most  premium up sell of $46.74 excluding taxes.

After unchecking that and progressing to the check out I was halted by a choice of two to upsell to $61 or $66 since cheap flowers not being available in my location.  

Click to go to page

Observations : The cheapest flower delivery options were not available in California. Teleflora requires a minimum purchase of $59.99. The cheapest flower delivery option was available for Floridian zip codes at $33.14 but at the check out taxes and delivery fees made a grand total of $54.82 

There is a substitution policy applying to all flowers on this site. Which means no guarantee you get the flowers in the image you pick.  The site has a bit of an old feel. Teleflora is the same company as FTD and Proflowers in this list. 

Conclusions : Teleflora is not a cheap flower delivery with a $54.82 minimum price. 

7. Send Cheap Flowers – FTD   

The cheap flower delivery landing page of FTD >delivery deals  has the same lay-out, images and pricing as proflowers. FTD, proflowers and Teleflora are one and the same company. 

click here to go to site

The cheapest flower delivery option are “Picnic Party Daisy Bouquet” Yet the image displays chrysanthemums and not daisies.

Suffice to say a substitute policy applies to all flowers on the site.  You have no guarantee you get what you see or read. Furthermore also here the product page automatically selects the up sell of $40 over the selected cheaper $30. 

Picnic Party Daisy Bouquet ?
Our Conclusion : FTD and Proflowers have an identical flowers and site with some company color and logo differences.
FTD offers one cheap flower delivery option at $34.20 (including tax) but is in the business of upsell at each corner. 

Opinion articles on Cheap Flower Delivery

The search result cheap flower delivery resulted in two more blogs besides the 6 analyzed web shops. 

15 Best Online Flower Delivery Services 2022. – Oprah Daily

The blog has Proflowers plants and gifts as The Best Online Flower Delivery Services Nationwide   1. Urban stems as Best overall with pricing $30 to $150    2. Best Budget Pick: ProFlowers with a website section dedicated to blooms under $50.  3.Best Luxury Pick: Venus et Fleur with one rose at $53 and many options over $400  4. Best for Convenience: Amazon Natural fragrance Rose is available on amazon Prime for $25.00   5. Best Unique Arrangements: Farmgirl Flowers for $59    6. Best for Same-Day Delivery: 1-800-Flowers without pricing   7. Best Eco-Friendly Pick: The Bouqs Co. without pricing and Best For Special Occasions: FTD with pricing starting at $40 Basically the same big flower names as in our google search and this article. 

Who has the cheapest flower delivery fee? 

This question is posed and answered with a blog. Cheapest Ways to Send Flowers | LoveToKnow  by Anna Spooner. Anna ranks in her blog 1. Fromyouflowers 2. The Bouqs 3. Proflowers 4. Kabloom, with a backlink to Crazy Coupon Lady 5. Contact a local florist. The #5 is a sound advise made by Anna. 

Interestingly Anna, a talented copy writer, did not preform a price analysis in her article. Her blog contains links to the featured web shops main pages yet not those sites cheapest flower delivery options.

So it is a mystery how Anna concluded that ProFlowers wins the title of cheapest flower delivery service by having relatively low fees. The more since Proflowers displays on their site all-in prices without fees.

It might be that the site has changed its pricing structure since Feb 2, the day of the publication. But that seems unlikely. 

Questions people ask when searching for cheap flower delivery

These are the questions people ask google when searching for cheap flowers delivered. I will provide some short answers on each of them.

Cheap flowers delivered?

Cheap flowers are delivered in the USA by 1. Natural Fragrance Rose for $27.11 nationwide , all flowers fragrant and all fees included. 

2. 1800flowers has a single option of $24.99 Peruvian lilis which can be purchased with some browsing effort.  

3.  Fromyouflowers has one single option on the site for $28.99   As the analysis by a google search and investigation by making actual purchases on the sites involved revealed. 

Flowers under $30 with free delivery?

1. Natural Fragrance Rose delivers flowers under $30 with free delivery at just $27.11 nationwide. All its flowers and all fees included.  

2. 1800flowers has a sole offer of $24.99 Peruvian lilis which can be purchased with some browsing effort.

3.  Fromyouflowers has one single option on the site for $28.99 

This according to the google search analysis and purchases made on the sites in the analysis in this blog article. 

Cheap flower delivery near me?

Natural Fragrance Rose has the cheapest  flower delivery near .. any place in the USA. This according to the google search analysis just made.

All flowers including shipping and taxes of Natural Fragrance Rose  are delivered for $27.11 nationwide. 

Runner up 1800 flowers offers one cheap flowers option of Peruvian lilis at $24.99 which takes considerable effort to locate and purchase without an up-sell. 

Flower delivery under $30?

Natural Fragrance Roses has flower delivery under $30. The conclusion of this thorough analysis of google search results and actual purchases made on the web shops involved in the analasys above. 

What are the cheapest flowers online?   

The cheapest flowers online are Natural Fragrance Roses and are actually of the highest quality. We will publish an article on Quality Flowers soon.

The price analysis in this article revealed the major flower delivery services 1800flowers, FTD, Proflowers, Fromyouflowers pop up as top search results of cheap flower delivery. They advertise with one cheap flower delivery option as a hook and engage in a customer journey with upsells.

Their profit model seems to not allow a point of sales under $30. These large delivery services break even or profit above $50.

The cheapest option was, with one exception, never prominent displayed above the fold on the landing page. Only Natural Fragrance Rose displays all its cheap flower delivery options, which are all its flowers, prominent and for a flat price delivered nationwide. No hidden fees. 

click to go to page

At the Big Flower delivery platforms, 1800flowers, FTD, Proflowers, Fromyouflowers you will have to browse for cheap flower delivery. The pages and customer journey are designed to up-sell.

The substitution policies offer no guarantee the flowers offered in the picture will be the ones delivered. It is what florists and farmers name : Big Flower. As one of my earlier blogs explained, this substitution policy is the root of the top 3 negative reviews in flower delivery. [read more]

The flower delivery market space is dominated by just two billion dollar companies, 1800flowers and FTD. Both not having a trusted store badge by google, both not displaying reviews and ratings, both giving no guarantees with their substitution policy.

At Natural Fragrance Rose´s store you get exactly what you see, no hidden substitution policy, a large and fragrant classic rose. Each having an eloquent natural fragrance. With great value offered , the flowers are hydrated to last 4 months. If you need help, call us, someone at the farm picks up.

No wonder the Californian Natural Fragrance flower farm has a high rate of returning customers, 3000+ 4.6 star reviews on amazon and webshop. Having earned that Trusted Store badge by Google and Amazon Transparancy.

Cheapest flower delivery service uses weather and shock proof ISTA-3A certified packaging
how to recognise high quality flowers
single rose delivery red $19.99

Cheap flowers

We have consistently seen the Peruvian lili, alstroemerias, as cheapest flower delivery option during our price analysis. Let´s dive a little deeper into that shall we. 

Fromyouflowers peruvian lilis
1800flowers peruvian lilis

Proflowers – FTD peruvian lilis

The Bouqs Co. peruvian lilis

According to Flora Holland auction, the worlds leading pricing instrument in the flower industry, alstroemerias go for 19 ct a stem. Making the flower farmer  net $1.90 of the $ 35 Proflower bouquet.

Royal Flora Holland daily flower auction

Why is flower delivery so expensive?

The difference? The bulk what you pay is advertising, logistics and Big Flower platform fee. Based on their public filed SEC annual reports FTD and 1800flowers take home $10 to $12 on a bouquet, without even touching the product, outsourcing the work and perishable inventory risk to a local florist.  [ article]

Expert tip : Cheapest flowers

Guys, really cheap flowers? You want my advise. Then forget about delivery. $4.87 at Walmart, pick up. But this is a basic rule at any florist or grocery floral department. Anything that does not go and will expire soon, will be cut short and can be picked up for a few bucks for a last few days of joy. 

Cheapest high quality flowers delivered?

Answer : Natural Fragrance Roses

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I hope my analysis could be of any help. Leave a comment below if this was helpful 

Flower people, happy people. 


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