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Flower delivery under $30

Can you buy quality flowers under $30?

What is the Cheapest Flower Delivery Service in 2022? How a revolutionary technology made it possible. According to floral expert and patent holder.

We did ask Petrus Persoon. With 30+ years in flower and fragrance and born in a family that lives and breaths flower farming, Petrus Persoon is an established expert in the field.

What is the cheapest flower delivery in 2022?

Natural Fragrance Rose. This new flower delivery concept has a standard price of $19.99 cross the board and a $7.12 delivery fee nationwide. But that is not all. This californian flower farms’ roses are extremely fragrant and have been hydrated to last 4 months. A truly revolutionary proposition in flower delivery.

Can you buy quality flowers under $30?

Yes. But let’s first establish what is the exact criteria for quality flower delivery. The 4 most import thresholds a quality flower delivery service must meet are:

  • Fast delivery, preferably nationwide. Natural Fragrance has set up a nationwide delivery service with a standard 5 day delivery and two expedited fast delivery options . A fast 2 day delivery and a super fast 1 day delivery option.
  • Consistent quality. Natural Fragrance is a family owned flower farm and sells the premium fragrant flowers it grows itself. No third party delivery. You get exactly the fragrant flower you choose. Classic 4 inch fragrant roses in multiple colors and fragrances picked at the height of their bloom each hydrated to last 4 months.
  • Cut out the middleman to control quality and reduce cost. Natural Fragrance controls the quality by slow-growing classic fragrant varieties, preparing, packaging and shipping the farm fresh flowers themselves. You won’t find Natural Fragrance Rose on other flower delivery service platforms. Those platforms are a collaboration of overseas farms, a national webservice taking your order and a local flower shop delivering your order.
  • Unique selling points : Natural Fragrant Roses are large, are fragrant and hydrated to last 4 months!

Highest Quality

Natural Fragrance grows fragrance flowers for generations. The family owned flower farm is located in Santa Barbara County California overlooking the pacific. The location is ideal for slow growing classic fragrant rose varieties. Each flower takes a 100 days to grow and come to bloom. Their large fragrant flowers will bloom in a few days. It is a law of nature; the more fragrant a flower the shorter its lifespan. Click this link to learn more about the incompatibility of fragrance and durability in flowers.

Natural Fragrance took the challenge to find a method to ship extremely fragrant flowers with enough time for you to enjoy them. This is where traditional flower farming meets high tech health and beauty science. Natural Fragrance engineered a proprietary method to hydrate their otherwise short lived fragrant blooms. All roses are picked at the height of their blooms and hydrated with a moisturizing cream, so the flower can take in moisture from the air to stay fresh for four to six months.

Shipping these fragrant roses of the highest quality safely to your home requires a few steps. After the harvest and hydration process Natural Fragrance Roses are packaged in its characteristic hand blown crystal vase with a wooden base. We package the vase in a certified weather and shockproof box of the highest ISTA-3A shipping standard.

Cheapest flower delivery service uses weather and shock proof ISTA-3A certified packaging
how to recognise high quality flowers

How can you recognize fragrant roses of the highest quality?

First of all, they are big. 4 inch. Slow growing quality varieties have more time to take in energy from the sun and are therefore huge. They have a fragrance for the same reason. The bloom, while it slowly evolves, can process a part of the energy it takes in from the sunlight into fragrance.

We also sell our Natural Fragrance Rose on Amazon. Amazon invited us to join their anti counterfeit program. After harvest, hydration and packaging in a crystal vase, each rose receives a unique serialized number, QR and green brand logo. The logo is an easy peel off. There are popping up many small 1 or 2 inch preserved , eternalized, forever, etcetera etcetera flowers from Asia up online. These asian little roses are treated with harsh chemicals and thereafter spray painted, green bottom leaves and all.

You can recognize our real roses from their QR code, their fragrance and by looking for their sepals. The little green leaves at the bottom of a flower.

Roses in a box

This is a new phenomenon that is taking hold in flower delivery. We have seen the online market flooded with inferior asian quality in holiday season 2021. You see, Asia is not home to roses. Asia is home to orchids. We will be dedication one of our upcoming blogs on quality roses in boxes, preserved, eternalized, immortal, eternalized roses. I promise to also dedicate an interesting blog on how to recognize black blue and colored roses in the coming few weeks. We will also take you on a journey with our growers to slow grow a black rose.

Sneak preview : Natural Fragrance Box of Scent

box of scent quality Cheap Flower Delivery
Coming soon

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