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Fragrance Flowers Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Welcome to the World of Fragrance

I want to offer an incarnation of a floral profusion, a traditional and pure perfume. I want you to discover our blooming fields of  fragrance, let your skin touch the blooms and feel the powerful fresh feeling of nature.”

Smell the Roses

Did you know it takes 1000’s of flowers to make a perfume. We grow classic fragrant flowers, otherwise short-lived. We did dare to be different. Grounded in the health and beauty industry and owning a family fragrance flower farm, we engineered a process to make flowers last. We hydrate flowers with a natural moisturizing cream. The blooms can taking moisture from the are and stay fresh up to four months. Natural Fragrance Rose is now an established brand in gift gifting. Our Natural Fragrance Rose fans have been asking for our us to also sell their popular fragrances as perfumes. We will. But let me first tell you something about the wonderful world of traditional perfume making.

Taif Rose is an ingredient in perfume making for centuries

Did you know that taif roses are basic notes in luxury perfumes for women of brands like Chanel, Dior and Givenchy? All brands of fashion houses. Coco and Christian were tailors, designers. Talented people who at some point materialized their fame and brand by hiring a fragrance expert to compose perfumes. It was the chemist and perfumer Ernest Beaux who designed Chanel No.5

Which fragrance flowers are most used in perfumes?

  1. Rose, more specifically, Taif rose are an indispensable basic note on every perfumers pallet. Taif but also other hybrids are popularly known as the ‘queen of flowers’ and an essential ingredient of many floral perfumes for women.
  2. Violet. Violet is quite popular in perfumes
  3. Jasmine, and a range of other so called ‘white flowers’
  4. Lavender.
  5. Plumeria.

Why is rose a basic note in so many luxury perfumes?

Perfumers are in core nerdy chemists. What I am about to say will sound synthetic, but believe me, these are substances freely available in nature. Roses contain hundreds of fragrance molecules with various olfactory characters. They contain a combination of rose oxide, which are metallic, geranyl acetate which is fruity-floral, citronellol. Also present in lemongrass and nerol, which is again present in neroli and lemongrass. Phenyl acetate, which lends chocolate accords its sweetness, is also used in rose accords. But what does that all mean?

It means a rose perfume can be layered in hundreds of ways. Combine it with a citrus note like lemongrass and the citrus character of it blooms. Combine it with sweet, gourmand notes and its saccharine scent becomes more prominent. Rose is so multi-faceted that it works with a huge variety of other notes, thanks to its own multi-dimensional fragrance profile. Having said that, some rose varieties in itself do not need one or the other note to be highlighted, they are in itself a perfume. Most of these classic fragrant roses were lost throughout times

But why do flowers nowadays have barely scent?

Commercial farmers grow either for fragrance or for the far larger commercial cut flower industry. Flowers have been breeded for centuries to last and be durable enough to reach the flower shop with enough ‘time’ left in them for the consumer to enjoy a week or so at home. 

Fragrance and longevity of blooms is not compatible in nature. What you have to understand is that flowers and fragrance are for plants their means to propagate. Nature is ingeniously efficient, a plant either invests in genes producing flowers that last long and can wait patiently on bee or butterfly to come by to propagate. Or, it lures butterflies and bees quickly and from far with its scent. The most powerful fragrant flowers are therefor very short blooming. They simply do not need to last longer. 

Traditional perfume making 

Archaeologist found that perfume has been around since ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to more than 4,000 years ago. Ever since ancient times, the perfumers shroud their creations in mystery, mixing perfume was and is a magical process. Now a days by mixing synthetics and naturals from little bottles in test tubes in a lab. An admirable and highly appreciated profession. There are only a few master perfumers “nose” in the world. Traditional perfume creation is in essence a delicate process of mixing flowers and ingredients while heating and distilling them. A traditional perfumer has to carefully test throughout the process and relying on her intuition and experience. The first perfumers used flowers, oils, dried leaves and seeds. Composing a symphony of scent from herbs, spices, nuts, and flowers. 

While the original purpose of perfume production was religious, in means of attracting the good spirits and appeasing the gods, today, it’s the olfactory appeal we’re interested in. In other words, we just like the scent that makes us feel good. ..And why not?

A few quick fun facts  

  • Perfume is a confidence booster. We feel more confident when wearing a fragrance.
  • Flower power. Floral scents make women feel most feminine and attractive. Thats in general, because there is nothing as personal as fragrance. 
  • More Flower power.  Men find floral fragrances the most attractive and prefer it on women. 
  • Women are into strong characters and strong fragrances for male perfumes. Two third of women prefer men wearing strong, classic cedar wood dominated fragrances. Unsurprisingly, women have appreciation on a wider spectrum of fragrance notes. 
  • Energy booster. Most people, men and women, feel energized and refreshed by citrus scents.
  • Change it up. Women under 40 say they do not wear one fragrance longer than 4 months and regularly try new fragrances. 
  • Perfume as feel good. Lots of women reach for perfume or other scents when they need to relax or improve the mood they’re in.At least, I do.
  • Unisex, genderless, fragrance for all. From olfactory point of view, there is nothing masculine or feminine about a particular blend of notes. Whatever works on your skin, works. Floral is not just feminine. That is perception and marketing a lot of bla bla.

As a last take away

Why are there so many flowery perfumes for women?

Well, intuitively they make you feel good. Nature has that affect on you. Take a walk outside, stop and smell the roses. Fragrant flowers might even be beneficial. In that regard read this revealing blog of Kelly Vaughan on Martha : “Science says you should stop and smell the roses. Giving your brain a boost while you sleep”

Natural Fragrance Taif Perfume – coming soon

  • The freshness of fresh, colorful petals on your skin, the vivifying energy of hint of citrusy dew: Natural Fragrance Taif is a sparkling floral fragrance, a blend of Taif refreshed by not a usual Bergamot but a superior White Rose, with the intensity of a touch of Lemon and Musk note.
    The vibrant sweet Taif essence refines Natural Fragrance Taif with its lemony aromas and irresistible and durable scent of an endless field of rose blooms. A flowery gift for women who love natural fragrances.

I hope you enjoyed the read. If you liked it, click this link to leave your thoughts. Make chance to WIN a Giveaway of 50 perfumes on launch day in May.

Stop and Smell the Roses

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