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The secret of floral perfumes

Taif roses are for centuries the basic note in luxury perfumes for women. The resurgence of traditional perfume making.

The key to luxury perfume making is fragrance flower farming.

Not surprising, since advertisers make abundantly use of flowers to visualize fragrance. All these products make use of mostly synthetic imitations of a mix of natural fragrances. Perfumers, for obvious reasons called “nose”, design all kinds of fragrances for all kinds of products. During the design process their pallet contains hundreds of floral, plant and animal fragrances. After the design process, converted into their synthetic imitations.

How many flowers does it take to make a perfume?

Did you know it takes hundreds of flowers to make a luxury perfume? Taif rose is a basic note in most luxury perfumes of brands like Dior, Chanel and Givenchy. Perfume making is shrouded in mystery. Our expert can tell you. That is marketing. Creating an atmosphere of desire. There is nothing so personal as fragrance. You wear it on your bare skin. Traditionally perfume making is … cooking of flowers.

We grow taif roses. You won’t find those in your flower shop. They are too short-lived. Natural Fragrance engineered a process to hydrate these blooms to last 4 months. Encouraged by buyers of our fragrant Taif Roses we launch our limited edition Taif perfume. Traditionally made. We add a complementary fragrant taif rose to each purchase. Flower up your dressing table and feel the flowery touch of nature on your skin.

I hope you love our creation as much as we loved making it for you

Anna & Petrus, fragrance specialists

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