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Why do my roses have no scent?

Why do my roses have no scent?

A short animated video as to why most roses lack scent. We also provide a solution with our Natural Fragrance Roses.

Why most roses have no scent?

What is natural rose fragrance?

The most illustrious and perfumy is Taif Rose Elizabeth of Natural Fragrance Rose. It might surprise you there are many rose fragrances. See a fragrant collection below or visit our online rose shop. Roses are for centuries the main ingredients for perfumes. As you learned in our video, fragrance flowers are short-lived and therefor not to be found in your flower shop. Our Santa Barbara CA family owned fragrance flower farm does not reduce fragrant flowers into scent oils and perfumes. We learned to hydrate our extremely fragrant roses to last 4 months. Making unique organic gifts and natural aroma diffusers.

What are the most fragrant roses?

December 2020

Petrus Persoon, fragrance flower expert

2 thoughts on “Why do my roses have no scent?”

  1. I purchased my English rose via Amazon, it arrived with the lid unsealed, is this normal?
    I purchased one from a store for Mother’s Day which was sealed and labeled!

    1. Hello Diane,

      Thank you for reaching out

      Can you please reach out to us with an image on info@naturalfragrancerose.com The vases are hand blown with therefore slightly different diameters, some lids are therefore tightly fit and others not. It has no effect on the life span. Several major retailers in the US offer our product and indeed those come with a in-store label highlighting the Fragrance and product information.

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