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Why do my flowers have no scent?

In this short animated video the Natural Fragrance expert explains this natural phenomenon and gives a solution. It is actually quite logic.

What is natural rose fragrance?

The most illustrious and perfumy is Taif Rose Elizabeth of Natural Fragrance Rose. It might surprise you there are many rose fragrances. See a fragrant collection below or visit our online rose shop. Roses are for centuries the main ingredients for perfumes. As you learned in our video, fragrance flowers are short-lived and therefore not to be found in your flower shop. Our Santa Barbara CA family-owned fragrance flower farm does not reduce fragrant flowers into scent oils and perfumes. We learned to hydrate our extremely fragrant roses to last 4 months. Making unique organic gifts and natural aroma diffusers.

What are the most fragrant roses?

Just three of the most fragrant roses on our Santa Barbara CA fragrance flower farm.

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